Eye Screening

An eye screening determines whether you may need spectacles, by identifying possible visual impairment or eye conditions that are likely to lead to vision loss. Driver’s license screenings are also available at iLink – please make a booking at our reception.

Eye Test

A comprehensive eye test (examination) is recommended every two years for adults and every year for contact lens wearers & children (7 to 18 years) to monitor ocular health. iLink provides a FREE comprehensive eye test to all children between 7 – 18 years of age.

An eye test will typically consist of the following:

  • Ocular health check – Glaucoma screening (Ocular pressure check).
  • Refraction – Determining the prescription for possible spectacles or contact lenses.

Feedback on the obtained test results & advice on all possible corrective options available. This also includes referrals to eye specialists when required.

  • Patient education on different lens attributes.
  • Assistance in frame selection, lenses and quotations.

Maintenance & Repairs

iLink offers a free cleaning service to ensure that your spectacles always gives you the best clarity of vision.  Spectacle repairs are also done at our practice depending on the extend of the repair needed.